(JUST A MINUTE)    Hey we think we have it bad sometimes. The hassles of everyday life can’t compare with some of these very strange, yet real problems. Check this stuff out!

Here are 5 of the most bizarre phobias (fears) which people have. They are not made up, seriously!

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These poor folks are afraid of crossing the street. And by that I mean they can’t cross ANY street at any time! It doesn’t matter if it is a busy city street, highway, thoroughfare, or a wide, remote country road, they just aren’t gonna cross it. In fact they can’t even go with the help of a light or crossing guards, not even if there’s not a car anywhere in sight. Good luck living in New York or California!


Now, I’ve tried some really strange cooking experiments in my time; who hasn’t? Most folks just “gag” a bit and then ban me from the kitchen! However, I’m back “cooking up” something new in no time. But imagine people who are actually so afraid to cook that they can’t even begin! This obviously can cause a real nutritional problem for many people, especially if they live alone. It seems the root of this phobia may come from being intimidated somehow by others they know with great cooking skills. There may be some help for sufferers found at this link: “Top Ten Easy Ways To Improve Your Cooking.”  


All of these fears are horrific I’m sure. But this one sounds almost sad as well. Pediophobia is the fear of dolls, any and all dolls, from the “Raggedy Ann” types to the scariest of them all! The fear has been called “false representation of sentient (able to perceive things) beings,” and it usually includes robots and store mannequins. Obviously, shopping becomes a very difficult task for the sufferer. This terror is not to be confused with “Pediaphobia” which is the fear of children. Roboticist, Masahiro Mori, theorized that the more human-like something becomes, the more repellent its non-human aspects become. Very strange…

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How many of us have a friend or family member who just can’t shut up at the dinner table? I know a couple in my clan, in fact, I may be one of them! However, there are folks who have such an irrational fear of dinner conversation, especially “fine” or formal dinning, that they can say a word at all! In days gone by, there used to be “rules of etiquette” which forbade some kinds of discourse while eating. But in today’s more informal social settings, such rules are not followed as closely in many cases. This “openness” may be partly to blame for the intimidation factor behind this fear. As a helpful tip, it’s always good to stay away from the long-time “no no’s,” which are: politics, religion, and sex. Dinner is to be enjoyed which usually doesn’t happen in the middle of hot debate!

phobia 3


Okay, a lot of married couples want to “avoid” too much contact with their mother-in-laws. I’m not sure why we have such feelings when it’s their son or daughter with whom we fell in love and married. I mean, some of the traits we love about our spouse should have carried over, and thus made the mother-in-law a lovable lady! However, there are actually people who literally cannot be around their mother-in-laws, under most any circumstances. Yes, most of us laugh about such things, but not those who suffer from it. Sadly, one of the most common ways for sufferers to deal with the phobia is to get a divorce.

Well, there you go! While I like to interject a bit of humor into my posts, some of these phobias are no laughing matter, especially for those who suffer from such things. Hopefully, people who are interested in further information or perhaps some help, you may go to the source directly at: “”  

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