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(JUST A MINUTE)    I just happened to stumble across this information and found it fascinating. Most of us wonder about dreams: Do they mean anything? Does everyone dream? Are they meant to forecast the future?

Well, I’m not sure about some of that. However, according to “,” here are about 7 facts they can tell us about our dreaming. Maybe you will read about something that you didn’t know or wondered about…I know I did!

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1.) We forget about 90% of all our dreams…no matter whether they were good or bad, within about 5 minutes of waking up, the vast majority of us forget our dreams. That’s great if it was a scary one, but if it was a fantastic experience, that’s kind of crummy!

2.) Even blind people dream…yep, even if they can’t see while awake, if they had sight for a part of their lives, they can “see” their dream images! If a person has been blind from birth, they don’t see images, but they have the same kind of emotional responses to such things as smell, sounds, touch, and emotions that they’ve experienced while awake.

3.) In our dreams, we only see faces we already know…wow, this one is really gripping to me! I thought we created characters, like “avatars” or models, but that’s not at all true. Everyone we see in our dreams is someone we’ve seen or have known in our life. So who is that fantastic “lover” we are dreaming about is really a real person that we’ve already met!

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4.) Dreams are emotional…sadly, however, most of the time we experience anxiety as we travel through our “trances.” Everyone experiences more negative emotions than positive ones during sleep.

5.) Everyone dreams…not only do we all dream, regardless of whether or not you can recall them, but get this. We can have as many as four to seven dreams each night! Apparently, an average dream can last up to about two hours, so multiple dreams each night are very possible.

6.) Animals dream too…hey, why should WE have all the fun…or fright! Scientific studies have shown that animals display the same kind of brain wave activity during dream sleep as we do. So if you see your dog waving its paws, or making little “yelp” sounds during sleep, he or she is probably in “hot pursuit” of a cat or rabbit!


7.) We experience dream incorporation…this simply means that our minds take all the things we see and hear while awake and “use” them in our dreams. For instance, during sleep, we may hear a sound from “reality” and incorporate into our dream. If we hear the strum of a guitar, we may place it within a “symphony” which is playing in our dreams. Also, we may have seen airplanes, balloons, mountains, etc. and put them all into one dream…


p>There are so many other facts which you may want to read about online. Try looking into “” and click on “dreams.”

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